Cool feature: Create Customized Duplicate Montage

First of all … a very big “thank you” to Justin from Mystery Room for pointing this feature out elsewhere.

File>New>Audio Montage>Customized Duplicate>Duplicate with New Audio Files

I can’t believe I didn’t realize that this feature was added in WL9. I am only sharing this in case others had missed it also.

Cool and elegant.

Thank you PG and Justin

This is true that this function is a little hard to discover.

What is most important is that it is there!

So many powerful features. Not all can be obvious.

Well done PG

Hi Rat,

I’m glad you find this feature useful. It really goes back to the WaveLab 8 days when we had the Crystal Resampler. I had a growing need to create masters at different sample rates (MFiT, 48k video, 16/44 DDP/digital distro, vinyl pre-master) and I did not want to rely on Crystal Resampler for the SRC.

This feature allows you to use your own preferred SRC outside of WaveLab and as long as all the file names are the same, it’s easy to point WaveLab to this folder and the montage is easily and fully recreated at this new sample rate. After spending so much time manually recreating montages at other sample rates, this feature was a dream come true.

There are surely a lot of other uses for this feature too, and thanks to PG for making it happen.

Now WaveLab has the SoX resampler which is clearly a better SRC but I still prefer using Saracon (or RX or Myriad) for SRC and I also like to avoid using the global master section at all because the way my brain works, I need all plugins/settings etc. to be stored with the .mon file. Saving and loading the global master section as a separate entity is not something I can get used to which I should also thank PG for adding the montage output FX section.

Thank you again!

And, like you, I’m a Weiss user and prefer to employ the SaraCon. So it also kinda fits my personal workflow where there is a folder with “sample rate converted” files.