Cool little trick to have bounced audio always on top

So maybe u know this and maybe not. I always split the arrange view with that “/” button so I have my sidechained and reference tracks up at the top all the time. So I found that if I click in the top split area(empt section or on a track wave the bouned audio will be sent to the top split and not the bottom of my page. So it’s esoer to drag the audio track down to where u want it because it will closer and always in view. You won’t have to scroll down to the bottom anymore and the. Bring the track back up if u need to. Kind of a time saver for me.

Hey, thank you for this Limit54, I can’t wait to try it!

I used to use that split a long time ago, but for some reason stopped … going to have to look at it if only for this. Will also have to remember other ways it was helpful.