Cool Logic Feature - export comp to new track

In Logic there is a cool feature that once you comp together a take from multiple lanes, you can “export comp to new track” which will take just those chunks that were used from each take and move them to a new track.

Whats great about this feature is say you’re comping together a vocal track, and you know you are going to want to comp together a double as well. Once you have your main vocal comp completed, If you use this “export comp to new track” function, it leaves everything that was NOT used in the main vocal comp, so you can comp together a double from all the left over takes. You never run the risk of choosing the same vocal take (which would obviously defeat the idea of a double).

Is there a way to replicate this function in Cubase somehow? So far the best I’ve been able to do is change the colors of the regions I used in my main comp before duplicating the track so I know not to use these again. But I’m wondering if there might be a better way.

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I’m almost certain one could write a Macro to duplicate this, the macro would run something like… 1.Duplicate track 2, run the command that gets rid of the unwanted bits, sorry forgot the command and I’m not in studio, pretty simple I would think.

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