Copia e incolla crash

se faccio copia e incolla di uno Stack il programma si chiude.


can you please check if a crash log was created? You can find those files here

win : C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
macOS : /Users/your_username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/vstlive

And which version of VST Live are you running?

Thank you,

Hi, the version is VST Live 1.4.0.
VST Live Version 1.4.0 2023.12.8 (1,3 MB)
Thank you

… it’s crashing in Amplitude. That should not happen. Can you please download and install the latest Pre-Release (1.4.7)? You can found it here. Is it still crashing? Always? Do you have a new Crash-Log for us?

Thank you,

Yes, is the same with 1.4.7 version.

VST Live Version 1.4.7 2023.12.9 (1.01 MB)

… thank you. Is the editor of AmpliTube open, while you copy/paste your Stack?


Thank you, no is closed


that’s a really strange one. I hope you have still some patience with us. Can you please :

  1. Start VL Create a New Project
  2. Select STACKS
  3. Add a stack and load AmpilTube to Insert Slot 1.
  4. Save Project
  5. Now Copy stack from[ [3] and paste it

… is it crashing now? I just want to find a pattern which is reproducable for me, too.


Hi, i tried with your instruction and it worked.