copied dynamics using repeat (R)

If I understand the Version History correctly the bugs with copied dynamics are solved. It seems it’s still there when using R. Selecting 2 complete bars with some dynamics and pressing R results in wrong placement of dynamics and editing the new dynamics (still) influences the original ones.
When using copy and paste, everything is fine. Is there a reason for this difference in behavior using R or C&V or is it still a bug?
Daniel, I understand you’re busy and that posts can be buried by lots of new ones very quickly. But I you find a moment to look at my post (First Contact) from about ten days ago…


I still have your old post open in a tab here in my browser (along with a handful of others) and I will come to it as soon as I can.

There may well be a few problems remaining with copying dynamics with R in version 1.0.10, but I’m pretty sure we have fixed a few more for the forthcoming 1.0.20 update.

In the same area, I would like to know if it is normal behaviour, when using insert mode (and thus adding many bqrs of music, that the different dynamics remain in the original ars, and do not stick to the right notes?
And if it is possible to make these dynamics stick, is there an automatic way to shift also meter changes (key changes as well), rehearsal marks? Maybe adding bars do the work, I did not try that path, I just happen to think about it now that I describe this problem…

Yes, it’s normal, at least for now. Insert mode only inserts within the current voice, and dynamics belong to all voices on the instrument rather than a single voice. We will both make it possible to shuffle all material regardless of its voice when you use insert mode, and also make it possible to create dynamics in specific voices, in due course.