Copy a Send?

Still in the transition from PT to Cubase & a feature I use a lot when mixing is an Alt-Left Click drag copy of a send from channel to channel. Is this not possible in Cubase/Nuendo? Whenever I Alt-click & move the mouse it just raises or lowers the send level not copy the send itself. Alt-Drag copying of Inserts works, just not sends. I’m on Win7.

On a semi-related note, in PT I can copy all the current fader levels to a send level to make setting up headphone mixes easier - is that possible in Cubase/Nuendo to either a send or a cue?


To copy all the Sends from one channel to another you click and dragging the Send rack by its title bar.

For individual sends I don’t think there’s a copy method other than right clicking, selecting copy then pasting to the target track. Shame, it would be good to have a dragging short cut for this too.

Thanks for that - never thought of right clicking! Alt-dragging would be better but at least it’s possible.

I agree it would be great to be able to alt click one single send and drag it to another channel like in Studio One.

I’ve just put it into the “Features and suggestions” List. Please add your vote. Thanks.