Copy all automation parameters of an effect AT ONCE

Hello folks,

Many times when I have got a cubase project file for work from others, a common situation that users use effects as inserts. But the are typically NOT insert effects like reverb…

So the first thing than move inserts to sends of course.

But if the effect has active automation tracks they have lost off course !

So the question is that, is it possible to copy an effect with all active automation track to copy ?
Because I can’t off course but doesn’t mean that it’s not possible )

Now, what I can do that when new effect is created, first I have to define which parameters was used and than copy automation points at once and paste to defined tracks on destination.
Without define process it would be not big deal, but in this case it’s real pain.

Another automation handling problem is when moving MIDI tracks between projects with automation content.
Automation copy works off course on instrument track or audio, but not with midi.
So in this way I can’t “move” MIDI VST intruments with automation to instrument track also.

I have tried of course all of them (again) in C6, but no luck…

Please help me how to you do it, you could save many of time for me and take care of my ctr+c ctrl+v…

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Hard to understand exactly what you’re saying, but the Range Tool should be used to select the desired Automation before copy and paste.


Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my english and bad explanation :slight_smile:
The problem is not about that of course:

A simple example: You have an instrument track with a filter plugin insert effect, with 9 parameter.
You have automated that insert track, but only 3 parameter of it: cutoff, res and lfo, all other automation parameters untouched.

Now, you want to copy this filter insert to an audio track (or something) also with all of it’s used automation.
In this case you must to copy the insert effect of course, but the problem is that you must to find and open the used automation parameters, in the effect automation tracks, in this case cutoff, res and lfo. And THAN you can use copy points with range tool. (all 3 at once of course).
Instead of this is it possible, when copy that filter insert, than all used automation parameters copied also ?

I hope this was better explanation :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help !

A bit quicker way of doing it, rather than going through that ugly parameter list of your new fx-track, is to set automation to write, open the plug in window, hit play and move the knobs that you want to automate. The correct automation lanes will be created and you can rearrange them to the same order of the original track.


If you right-click in the Track List, there’s an option to Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks) and also Show All Used Automation. Doesn’t this do the trick?

Not for what Vick wants to do. If I read him correctly, he wants to copy the automation setup (used parameters) of one (audio) track to a new fx track holding no automation and no used parameters, instead of having to set every parameter by hand. So that he then can copy the data correctly.


He’ll have to clarify, but in his first post he says he wants to change an Insert to a Send and then move all automation that was associated with the insert. Everything’s already written.

As far as I can make out, what the OP would like is to be able to insert the same effect on an FX channel grab the whole lane or multiple lanes & copy them with both data & parameter assignment intact…unfortunately doesn’t seem to be possible. You must open the lanes first & then you have to assign which parameter they will automate.

Yup, it’s written on the original track, but the correct parameters needs to be chosen on the new send track before he can copy the automation. And that can be a tedious process but a bit easier if you write some dummy data first, then select “show used automation for selected track” and the knobs you turned will show up.



Not of course, becuase on the destination track there is NO used automation at all !

He’ll have to clarify, but in his first post he says he wants to change an Insert to a Send and then move all automation that was associated with the insert. Everything’s already written.

This is the same thing:-) These all about specific areas when you could copy/double automation tracks parameters lanes.
Insert or send does not matter, as they all two an insert in this case… ( send is insert on fx track I mean )

I mentioned the MIDI track with automation, becuase it’s totally lost, when you copy between projects.
Grabbing others as audio and instrument track, is not problem, if you copy between projects, it will take ALL of it’s parameters to new project.


Hello TwinOak and Grim, you understand the problem perfectly !:P-)

“unfortunately doesn’t seem to be possible.”
I know until now the same way. But hoping some improvements here since in c5 there was improvements in automation area as quick controls and now the MIDI learn feature.
And simply I can’t imagine, how cubase can’t do it with one click…

Another example where it could be handy:
Instrument track can have only one intrument and one output, but definitely this format has advantages with old instrument rack, (for example this automation handling) but you can’t simple double it because it’s pointing to the same intrument regardless of duplicate.
So, simply using another instance of an instrument track with another preset but with same controller automation (filter, envelopes etc) is bunch of pain.
Instead of simple duplicate you must to add new instrument track, add inserts, select all of used automation of previous insrument, (regarless here that select from the list or moving faders to add used automation tracks) rearrange them the same way as in the original was and THAN range select and THAN copy paste. ERGH!!!

So, duplicate instrument track and automation handling needs some improvements for better flexibility.
Where can I add this to request list ? This is my first letter activity since new board.

Grim, TwinOak what do you think, maybe you can better to describe this for steinberg… :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

One more try. In Prefs-Editing, there’s an option for Automation Follows Events. Have you tried checking this?

Wouldn’t help in this case because you don’t copy events to effects tracks.

Vick there is no official feature request point. Steinberg read the forum so if it’s a good idea it will get consideration but no guarantee of course.

Meanwhile, I’d explain to the person sending you the project when it is better to use a send effect channel :wink:

So, thanks guys talking all about this !

Hoping improvements from steinberg there.

Send/insert is problem all the time, but it’s less problem, than instrument track ““unduplicateable””

Best Regards,

Has anyone tried using the “export automation” option in the export MIDI file function?
I have not used it and I am not sure how it works. What about exporting with automation and then importing to a new track? Just a guess.
p.s. I do agree though that a “duplicate automation tracks” function would be a nice feature.

Yes, I have tried it also, but as MIDI file can’t contain any automation data I doesn’t go further.
Maybe there is an option to convert automation data to midi controller, and then go with it.
But I don’t know that it is possible. But I can imagine that as most intrument use midi data controllers also, you can maybe rerecord that track without any conversion, and ready. But again, it’s not the way in the professional system, where (c6) focus was on FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT way than before.
I think on audio part it was done:-) On MIDI also. But controller handling like a child.:slight_smile: No breathtaking improvements since sx1. (effect copy was that in c4, though)
Priority sometimes is strange on steinberg part:-)


One more idea:

And also an full controller snapshot would be also great.
Meaning if you loaded a synth, take a snapshot of it’s parameters.
And the same time it’s add all automation tracks that synth has without touch any controller.
So without a touching any automation after opening a synth or effect you have all automation tracks opened, when you choose show all automation for that track…

Would be REALLY time saver, don’t you think ?


Hi, I’ve the same problem, I want copy all automations from ad audio channel and paste them into an effect channel.

I’m using Nuendo 4.

Has anyone found a solution in these 9 years?