Copy and drag with option

Just updated to 10 from 8 and it’s lovely. But I have a weird little problem, I can’t click and option drag to copy parts any more. I have the correct prefs happening for “tool modifiers” but I just can’t figure out what i’ve missed. I’ve been on Nuendo for 10 years so it’s a little odd… Anyone have the same issue? Thanks.

That’s weird indeed. On my system this works properly.
Probably you already double checked the lock-status of this part, the lock-status of the events which are in this part, as well as the lock-status of the track it’s located in?

If my Nuendo-system behaves unexpected, sometimes the issue disappears when I restart it.
I hope this helps?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes it’s a strange one, same across all parts. It’s funny but i’m a little crippled without it. Hopefully it will disappear next update. Thanks!