Copy and paste a glissando (and its settings) / glissando playback

(coming over from Sibelius)
In a future version, could you copy and paste a glissando?
This would save a lot of time for those of us who write a lot of slidey music but use 2 or more glissando settings within a piece i.e. changing the default settings doesn’t help in this context.
When will Dorico be able to play a glissando?

  1. Copy the notes either side of the glissando (making sure to also select the glissando), then repitch them - the copied glissando will retain its settings.
  2. Dorico can already play glissandi on some instruments (keyboard instruments and harps IIRC). There’s rarely much point in asking “when” on this forum; the development team tend to hold their cards very close to their chest(s) until a feature is pretty much ready to roll out.