Copy and paste a group of edited and crossfaded clips

Hi all …

I have spent the last couple of days mastering a soundtrack for a show. The director ended up wanting a number of quite complex edits. As you’d expect, the edits themselves were quick and easy to do in WL, using a montage.

Along the way, I became a little frustrated that for some reason I could not find the correct tool to do this simple function:

Working in a stereo Montage with two stereo tracks active. Doing a lot of destination source and cut work.

Various clips on both tracks. Copy, paste and edit sources from more than one clip and perform crossfades with them. You now have an edited ‘group’ of clips … or regions if you’re used to PT lingo … that when played back say for example ‘fire … ice’ compiled from different clip sources with adjusted relative levels and crossfades.

Now, select that edited ‘group’ of crossfaded clips, copy and try and paste. So that ‘fire … Ice’ would be said a second time. Without rendering the group to a new clip.

I could only make it paste a single clip. As opposed to the complete edited ‘group’ of crossfaded clips.

I’m sure that there must be a simple command that I can’t find in WL7 … possibly as a consequence of sleep deprivation. Can someone kindly direct me to it?

Did you select all clips in question correctly? Here it is no problem to copy and paste all selected clips in one go.
Select several clips either while clicking and holding “ctrl” or by pressing “ctrl” + “shift” while pulling a rectangle with the mouse cursor.

Ahhh …

OK I only highlighted the selection and did a Cont+C.