copy and paste articulation only

Also with Rhythm Slashes… m I the only one person that use this repeat function so much? :unamused:

Assign a key command to “Duplicate to Staff Below.” I use Ctrl-Alt-M.

yes yes I already use that, but than Ctrl-Alt-S. But it still al longer way to do that…


I’m not disagreeing with your request, but in fact it is just as fast to duplicate downwards an existing selection as it is to first select multiple staves and then create it.

Yes I understand very well and this feature is not a big deal but I have been using Finale a Sibelius for 20 years and these features are standard.
The problem is that many multi-selection functions do not (yet) work very well, so everything together makes writing a bit slower.
But I really like Dorico and I want to continue to use it. Only, I’ll bother you more often :astonished:

That’s why we’re here!