Copy and paste chords symbol from one project to another ?!

I try to copy chords symbol from a project to another, but it doesn’t work?!
I also try to export them via export flow from the original and import this flow in the new project but notes are here but no chords?!

Have you tried using the Library Manager to do this?

Does anyone know if it can import chords?

It works for me. Select chord symbol in Project A, copy. Go to Project B, choose a location and paste. It also works if you system select and then filter chord symbols, copy, paste.


Have you tried using the Library Manager to do this?

No . I tried with copy and paste as in other program
I also try a workaround No.x’xxx.xxxx found in this forum to paste in gallery mode ( solution for Dorico 3.5 but doesn’t work in 4)
Very strange program

@Janus It doesn’t work on my dorico windows

Would you be happy to share an empty project with a customised chord symbol for us to try copy/pasting?

great thanks
background: I think my original file must be corrupted and I wanted to salvage the music and chords and copy them into a new project.
Here is the corrupted file with the minimum stuff to test:
1.copy the D6/9 in a new project: impossible
2. try to modify the size of the font as explained in the file: crash and close dorico
chord_crash_minimal.dorico (919.0 KB)

Yes, very strange indeed.

Diagnostics from after the crash is attached for anyone who needs it.

Dorico (1.8 MB)

I’m not sure if this helps but the crash has definitely something to do with the font used in the project.
If one set the chord symbols font back to the factory settings the problem is gone.

ok thanks it removes the crash but the copy of chords doesn’t work
But very strange: paste chord from my original on a new C concert instrument is ok:
c instrument

But paste on a new transposed instrument doesn’t work:
transposed instrument

Could you shared a project that shows this problem?

Are you referring to that the formatting doesn’t copy or nothing copies?

@rafaelv and @DanielMuzMurray
You can use my project above : chord_crash_minimal.dorico
copy the D6/9 then:

  1. File->edit ->new-> add single player : Electronics/sampler (C concert instrument) and paste it you obtain my first print screen above

2.redo the same from my project but create a transposed instrument
File->edit ->new-> add single player : woodwinds/Tenor Saxophone (transposed instrument) and paste the chord: nothing is written like in my second print screen

@Dup It works here, but first one needs to set the options for the instrument to show the chord symbols (several possibilities in set up mode).

Never seen till today than when we create an new solo instrument in a new file it’s not always the same flavor ?!
I really don’t have the sense, logic and intuition of this program and yet I have been using it for 4 years.
Thank you very much