Copy and Paste do not work in Tempo Track. Neither a script

I just discovered that selecting points on the tempo track and then cutting them, works. But if you try to paste what you have copied or cut, it is impossible. But not only at the same point you cut but at any bar you select in the tempo track.

Is this a small bug? If so, is it easy to fix it?

Also, if you record a script doing that, when you execute it do not work.

Thanks in advance

You should find that points you copy or cut to the clipboard in the MIDI editors in the Key Editor will be pasted at the playhead position.

I’ve looked at this a bit more closely, and the Tempo editor does indeed behave differently than e.g. the MIDI CC editor. You can copy in the Tempo editor, but you should then select the rhythmic position where you want to paste in the music itself, rather than positioning the playhead in the Key Editor, and then paste.

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I’m unable to paste the points in any position. A single cut (Ctrl+X) and a simple paste (Ctrl+V) does not work for me either. In fact, in the Undo Historial the paste action do not appears…


I have the feeling you did not take that into account. The music itself certainly means the score in Write mode…
[Edit] Just checked, that is exactly that.

You are both right. It’s completely different from how Cubase or Nuendo works.

In Dorico working with tempo tracks the user needs to switch from Play Mode to Write Mode. I’m not sure I understand why Dorico was designed this way and force the user to switch modes.

If you can draw dots in Play Mode, it also seems natural to me to be able to paste them.

In Cubase and Nuendo all these operations can be done directly on the Tempo track and that’s why I thought it didn’t work or that the behavior was wrong.

In any case, thank you very much for your help and, if I may suggest it, I would like to see the possibility of implementing it in Play Mode.

Note that you can deal with tempo in the key editor in Write mode exactly as you were doing in Play mode. This should make the process easier. You simply have the music notation available in the upper area of the screen instead of kind of useless rectangles (for now?) in Play mode…
I tend to use Play mode for playback routing only.

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Good idea! But is there a way that the scroll of the Music and the Tempo goes synchronized when you are browsing without playing? If not is still a mess to draw a line down and to make click up searching for the bar.

You’ve probably found a good reason to use Play mode here :wink: I did not think about that.

I agree that it should be possible to paste tempo data directly in the tempo editor. This is something we will improve in a future version of the software.


The goal is humanize the playback. Although Noteperformer 4.2 is very good in dynamics is not good enough in tempo although it helps a lot. So adjusting the tempo is usually near perfect.

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Thanks Daniel. It will help a lot. What about synchronize the manual scroll in both music and tempo editor? Is it possible?

In general, Dorico will scroll the Key Editor to the position of the current selection in the music, but it won’t synchronize only based on what you have in view in the score. We don’t plan to try to introduce that, at least not imminently.