Copy and Paste Drum parts in Drum Editor

I’ve asked this question in the past and have never received a working solution.
What I want to do is Select All of the hits of a snare track on say Electric Snare and
paste it to Acoustics Snare. How do I do that? I know it is most likely a simple task
but I have not figured it out.
Thanks much.

One way to do this:

Select all the events in the source, press ctrl-C to copy. (Or cmd-C)

Open the destination, and place the playback marker where you want the first event to go. Press ctrl-V to paste (or cmd-V)

If the note number is different, you can click-drag all the pasted events to the right note number while they’re still selected after you pasted them.

There may be other ways to do it, depending on specifically what it is you want to do, but this mechanism always works for me :slight_smile: