copy and paste many measures, including meter changes

Hi - I’m trying to copy and paste a series of measures from one flow into another. I select the measures I want to copy using the system track and hitting the square at the end of the last measure in the system track to select the music contents of those measures, and then hitting copy. With insert mode turned on, I go to the position I want to paste the music into, where I’ve already inserted a few blank measures. I select one of those blank measures the same way, using the system track, and hit paste.

The music pastes successfully, Dorico pushes the existing notes to the right in order to make room for the new material. However it doesn’t push existing dynamics or time signatures to the right, so the result… is no fun. Dynamics are attached to the wrong things, or to nothing, there’s extra bar lines on unexpected beats, etc.

I’ve read some much earlier threads that suggested inserting however many bars I’m going to copy as blank measures before doing this kind of copy operation. Is that still the best way to do this? Or have I missed something?


Insert mode will only move notes, but almost nothing else. I suggest that you first add the measures you want with Shift+B and the number or measures you want (plus some more if there are tempo changes to make room for the extra beats) and disable insert mode.