Copy and Paste not working

I hope this works…

I created a video to show that Copy and Paste did not work in a file I am working on.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? And if so, how did you fix it?


I don’t think that’s a public link, Robby. I certainly can’t access the file from here, even if I log in to Dropbox.

Give me a second, to try and fix that.

Does this work?


What I find very weird, is that it only happens in this file.

I restarted Dorico, several times. I restarted my computer. And copy and paste does not work in this file.

I closed this project, and opened another file, and I could very easily copy and paste within the other file.


Yep - that video works. I don’t have an instant answer, though…

OK, I’ll send the file to Daniel, to see if they can figure something out.


20 bars before the place where you’re trying to paste, in bar 189, you have a staff count change event. I believe what’s happening is that you’re somehow forcing Dorico to paste into a staff that you can’t see. If you delete the staff count change at bar 189 on the 2nd clarinet staff, you should find that the paste works as you expect.

Thanks Daniel,

I’ll research that, as I don’t remember creating a staff count change event.

By ‘staff count change event’ do you mean like a hide staff command?


Yes, that is indeed what I mean.

That worked. Thanks so much Daniel.

What confused me was:

1.) I don’t remember creating the staff change count. So maybe this was a remnant from a deleted “Divisi” part? Who knows?!?!?!

2.) I was confused, as there was no way of me knowing what I was doing. Could this behavior be fixed? Or even give me some kind of warning in the future?


Ideally certainly you wouldn’t be left in that situation, of course.

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