Copy and paste rhythms-only in a score/Key editor

Wouldn’t be great to be able to copy and paste rhythms only in a score/key editor?

This feature can be called “rhythmic painter” which would be similar to format painter in MS-Office. In preference we can have in the rhythmic paint setting: do you want to paste ( articulations, dynamics, etc) Consider this example: Let’s say you have two phrases P and Q as follows:

  • P: C4 dotted quarter note, D4 an eight-note
  • Q: G5 and C5 each a quarter note

You apply copy and then choose say-to-be-called feature “paste rhythm”, this will change Q to

  • Q_modified: G5 dotted quarter note, C5 an eight-note

Of course, for developers to make it easier they can narrow down/limit the feature to phrases with lengths say up to 8 notes without any ornamentations.

Please vote if interested!

Do you care for copy-paste of rhythmic pattern of one phrase into another?
  • Yes
  • No

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Would be a great timesaver.

Not the same, but similar - I do almost all of my drum part editing using BFD3’s internal pattern editor rather than the Drum Editor. One thing it has that is really cool is you can ‘paint’ in various rudiments and sticking patterns.

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