While I appreciate the context menus for adding tokens in text frames, I can’t figure out how to paste text from a word doc into a text frame. I Pro2 there was a simple option to paste what was in the clipboard. Am I missing something?

Does Ctrl+V not work?

Sorry if this is a double post. No option to copy from or paste to text in a text frame. Gone from Pro2.

Dan, as I wrote in your earlier post, the standard keyboard shortcuts do work: Ctrl+C/X/V

OK. I feel like an idiot. I was trying to use the Edit copy / paste and those options didn’t work. But ctl + commands work fine.

Actually, no, it does NOT work. When selecting a text frame, COPY is not an option, neither through the edit menu (it’s grayed out), nor by keyboard (there’s nothing to paste after attempting Ctrl+C on the text frame).

I’ve added text frames that are related to the music content, but when adding to the previous flow, the text frames remained on the original pages where they were added, instead of moving to the next page. So not only did they not move to the next page with the content they are referring to, but there isn’t a functional way to move them to the correct page via Cut+Paste.

Am I missing something???

You can copy/paste the text within the text frame, but not the frame itself.

You can copy a selected frame from one page to another: see here.


If one wants text to move with a note/measure of music, using SHIFT+X text (or SHIFT+ALT+X system text) is in most cases a better choice than a text frame, at least for short blocks of text.

Daniel, Derrek,

Thank you both!
That’s very helpful.

I now tried this method, but I’m not sure it’s appropriate.
What I’m trying to do, is to add spoken portions of a song (ones that aren’t sung, but are supposed to be spoken in specific times in the music).
I want those to show up underneath the music (similar to the lyrics), but when I use this method, I still haven’t found a way to make the text appear where I need it to be. It seems like it is forced to appear above the full score, rather than being attached to the relevant part.

Any suggestions?


The Properties panel at the bottom of the screen gives one the opportunity to put SHIFT+X text (when selected) below the staff, although it may not have the same baseline as the lyrics.

You can flip a selected text item above or below the staff using Edit > Flip, shortcut F. Though it will not end up with the same baseline as lyrics by default, so you will still need to make some adjustments in Engrave mode with Alt+up/down arrow.