Copy and paste variaudio pitch arrangment

I’ve owned a public recording studio for 25 years now. Of course everybody thinks they can sing now and they all sound terrible and need desperate pitch correction. It’s very common for someone to stack a chorus for more energy all in the same key. I spend most of my time everyday trying to match the stacks to the lead. So the process is get a perfect lead correct it perfectly in variaudio and then I i have to go to all the stacks and manually move all those notes around to match what I did in the first lead track. Let’s just copy and paste the pitch arrangement to the others! Save a ton of time and brain drain! lol You guys’ RULE!! I’ve been rocking with you over 20 years. THE BEST COMPANY by far!


That’s a good idea, vari audio editing is literary painful for your fingers.
If just for aligning background vocals, I will “Extract MIDI” from the first main vocal and then route that MIDI notes (with a bit of editing i.e. shifting all the notes slightly earlier, remove short notes and so on.) to the stock Pitch Correct plugin inserted to BV tracks. The plugin takes MIDI notes as target pitch and has decent sound quality at a reasonable transpose amount, good enough for harmonies within the octave. Formant can be changed a little for unisons, too.

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