Copy and Paste with Alt + Left Click

I’ve become reliant on Alt + left click to basically select some music, and use the command to duplicate it at my mouse target. So much so that I’m really not familiar with other methods.

Now I’m working with a musicXML import that has horns 1,3 in the same part, and 2,4 in the other. I’m putting them individually on 4 staves now, and want to select just the bottom voice (I’ve used the filter) then alt click into the new part, but it leaves the notes in the original staff… Is there a way to X + left click to MOVE it, rather than Copy it.

I’ve looked around in the keyboard shortcuts and can’t even find Alt + left click to be able to get guidance there.

Also, is there some easier way to do this with the explode feature with music already on 2 of the 4 staves?

Yes, you can move notes to neighbouring staves (rather than copying them).

Thank you. I also played around with the explode and was able to explode from staff 1 to staff 1 and 2.