Copy and paste woes


I’m trying to copy and paste some music in which I did some MIDI pitch bend to have more realistic glissandi. After pasting, the midi pitch bend information is gone, and it won’t let me edit the MIDI pitch bend in play mode (clicking does nothing but draw a box to select things).

I’ve also noticed that Dorico tends to copy most but not all of the notation information. I’ve tolerated it for a while, but with this latest frustration I have to ask:

why?? Why not copy and paste everything?

Is there a workaround for this? My next step is to erase and start over by entering it from scratch, which took me a solid 2 hours the last time I did it, so that’s really a nuclear option for me.


If you are copying from one staff (or a selection of staves), we know Dorico will not necessarily include system objects (time signatures, etc.) Are there other items you find it cannot copy (other than pitch bend info)?

Are your pitch bends called by articulations or entered directly in the Play mode?


Thanks for the reply. I entered the changes directly in play mode by suppressing playback on notes and extending the previous note, then bending it up/down to the new pitch to get a real glissando. The problems I’ve seen have been from trying to merge 2 flows together (I composed in 2 pieces, and then want to stitch them together). Basically I select everything, then try to paste everything into new measures that didn’t yet exist. The most egregious examples were triplets suddenly becoming duples, so that not only was the rhythm wrong, but because they became duples, the notes extended out and corrupted everything following.

When you select tuplet notes, the actual tuplet needs to be selected as well! This is by design.

I literally selected everything from measures 1-50, copied, pasted and the tuplets in measure 34 didn’t copy/paste, but everything else did above and below, before and after. I’m sure that’s not by design?

You selected everything visible. Are the tuplets showing brackets or numbers? If not, are the signposts showing?

If you didn’t select at least one of each tuplet’s number, bracket or signpost, you can’t have copied it. This is by design.

ok, just so we’re clear:

select the first beat of measure 1. scroll scroll scroll. Select the last thing of measure 50.

Because I did not go in and manually select every tuplet in between measure 1 and measure 50, it is by design that they should not be selected and copied?

You have bars 1-50 in front of you; I don’t.
I have no way of knowing whether your signposts or brackets/numbers are visible.
If they’re visible, they’ll be selected.
If they’re not visible, they won’t be selected.
If they’re not selected, they won’t be copied.


Then my request is this: I have a common use case where everything in the composition should be selectable and copyable, not just an arbitrary list of things that are visible, so that it can be pasted. It would be very nice if this were possible in Dorico, as its omission is often adding significant time to my workflow, and is a hidden problem: It is not at all clear that not everything is copied until after you paste, so it’s easy to miss a detail that was not copied and pasted. Correcting the unpasted things takes a really long time (especially in the case of trying to do glissandi that Dorico by default renders as chromatic scales).

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, because I’ve had it happen to me at least 30 times, I just haven’t been annoyed enough about it to mention it here.