Copy and Paster over multiple tracks not possible?

Hi there,

is this possibility missing or is it just not working because of a bug. I wanted to copy multiple midi and audio blocks over multiple tracks. Instead of pasting them to the respective channel they get copied into other lower channels over existing parts.

Is this a bug?

Hi Oliver,
I just had a play with this and I think you’ll find that where Cubasis pastes parts (or events or whatever they’re called here) depending on which track you have selected. So if you copy parts on tracks 1 to 3 position cursor where you want and select track 1. Parts will be placed at that corner. If the subsequent tracks are the wrong type, Cubasis will skip them or create new ones ( I think)


Hi Rob,

thanks for the response. I figured it out in the meantime. It needs some time getting adjusted to but fits the touch controls nicely.
I saw that your Bug has been confirmed. I never had an eye on the meter as I mix purely by ear, so there was no clipping thats why i didnt check.

Best regards