Copy and pasting into multi rests no possible

On account of the fact that I can’t select a bar even a one bar multi rest, it is not possible to paste with cmd-V anything into the empty bar.
This is quite uncomfortable when I e.g need to copy paste when working of proof reading in a part when multi rest is enabled. And switching it on and off it time consuming.
I know I can Alt-click copy it but I would also like to able to do it the classical way at least when it is only one bar of rest.


I usually active note input and navigate the caret to the desired starting point. For this and other similar scenarios, I wish it was possible to disable multi rests for galley view. I don’t think I ever would want to see them there, so a global preference would be useful.

Presumably in most instances of multirests there are other players/singers playing/singing, and generally speaking you’d have some sort of score layout. Is switching to that layout (from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen) viable?

You can create another layout with multirests disabled and switch to the other layout instead, if you want.

Thank you all for your replies.
I know that I can work around this but I hope one day this will not be necessary any more.