Copy and pasting ornaments, playing techniques

Hi, I’d like to have a glissando on every 2 notes. Is there an easy way to implement this? I also would like to select a group of notes, and then apply an ornament or playing technique to all selected notes. Is this possible? Thank you for your help!

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Glissando: you can’t copy and paste these on their own, I’m afraid. You could copy and paste a pair of notes with a glissando line, then repitch the notes? Depends which way is quicker for you personally.

Add ornaments/playing techniques to all selected notes: do you mean horizontally (on the same staff) or vertically (on multiple staves)? You can do the former with playing techniques by inputting a playing technique that spans the required duration and changing its continuation style to “repeat the signs”.

Ornaments you can only input one at a time I’m afraid, but once you’ve input one, you can select it and Alt/Opt-click it wherever you also want it to appear, which can be fairly quick.

I also wish the way to input glissando in particular would be improved.

Often times I want to add subsequent glissando, where the most intuitive workflow for me would be to select a range of noted (say 7), shift-O, gliss enter. Ideally 6 glissando lines between these 7 notes would be created.