Copy and pasting - Percussion

Hi, I am trying to copy and paste a bar of notation from one percussion instrument on to another. In one instance, it will copy all the data as rests rather than notes, and then another instance nothing happens at all. Is there something I am missing here?

Hi Dylan!
I don’t know if the behavior has changed, but I remember that in the early days of Dorico, the only way to copy-paste percussion parts was in one-line presentation. Is it the one you’re using, or are you in 5-line staff or grid presentation?

Both are multi-line staffs. Very irritating as I feel like this should be such a simple functionality.

Can you attach a minimal case in the form of a zipped-up Dorico project so we can take a look?

Sure Daniel, thank you for responding.

Attached is a drumline exercise I am working on. The first two bars you can see I tried to copy the snare part on to the tenor drum part, and it only copies the rests & the tuplets, no other information. Further down are sixteenth notes, which will not copy at all.
The Blob 3…zip (762 KB)

Dorico is having problems figuring out which drum in the destination kit it should use to map the notes from the source kit. This is something we need to do more work on in future. As a workaround, add another player holding a pitched instrument to your project and use that as an intermediate destination: paste to the pitched instrument, then copy again from there, and finally paste back to the destination unpitched percussion kit. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yikes. I hope this gets fixed soon, it’s a huge bump in my workflow. Appreciate the honesty and fast reply though.