Copy and Pasting Plugins

Hi, Many plugins I had working in C6 are now missing with the new download of Cpro8. I successfully copied and pasted Steinbergs EMBRACER from c6 into cpro8 and my question is… Would it be advisable to do the same with my 3rd party plugins like melodyne and Trilian.
Many thanks
Cubase 6 and pro8. Windows i7. 2.8Ghz cpu. 8GB Ram. Korg Trinity v3 keyboard. Midi sport 2x2 interface. MOTU 2408mk111 audio interface with PCI card. Melodyne Editor. BFD2. Trilion. Dimension pro.

Better to point Cubase 8 at where the plugins are

It would help us to help you if you completed your profile so we can see your set up. The question you asked is set up sensitive.

Thanks, I will do that now.

I second this.
However, make sure that location does not contain plugins which are already being loaded from another location. In that case, copying to a new location might actually be preferred. It can get messy when updating, though.

Thanks to the help on this forum, I have now retrieved all my plugins except BFD2 is without the kits. The data paths in BFD lead to them but they don´t appear.
FXpansion say that it is a problem with many Cubase pro8 users.