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I return to make requests that for my use of Live would provide a fundamental time saver

I am very happy that there is the possibility to copy a layer as shared…please allow copying a shared layer even between different parts/songs,

and please allow copying a whole part to a new part, where all layers appear as shared.

Layers are not shared, only their Instruments are. There is no “Copy as shared”, but “Duplicate as shared”.
Shared Instruments can well be used in all Songs and Parts, so I don’t understand that either, and also, Parts can be copied to other Songs too. Then, if you copy/paste a Part whose Layers all refer to shared Instrument, that will also do what you requested (unless not understood correctly). And finally, the Global Part is available everywhere and may serve some of your applications as well.

I try to explain myself with what I really have to do:

Song1 - Part1
I have 8 layers, I want to share as easy as possible the instrument of layer 1, 2 and 3 in Part 2.


Song 1 - Part 1 (Verse)
I have 6 Layers, I want to share exactly all instruments of each layer in Part 3 (Verse)

I know that I can do it directly by modifying the instrument of each Layer by choosing “shared”, but understand that it is really very complicated to find your way around when you have many songs (30-35) each of which has really many parts and many layers in each one.

Also when I select “shared” the text of the description is often truncated and it’s really difficult to navigate… if there was the possibility of having shortcut commands to share the layers in a more flexible way it would really be the time for my work.

Or maybe I just didn’t quite understand the procedure.

Sorry if I come back from time to time with the same requests, but I see enormous potential in LIVE and I’d like it to “resemble” my daily needs as much as possible.

Especially when you’re rehearsing you need immediacy in doing things that are sometimes very complex…

Thanks for your time.

I don’t understand how to duplicate as shared a layer of one part in a shared layer of another part

I look forward to your response when you have time, and thank you for your support

You are beeing vague about how you wish it to be.
Also I don’t quite see why you dont just copy a Part, or even an entire Song, that is set up to your liking.
So pls let us know how you would epect it to be ideally, then we can work our way from there.

Thank you for your answer.

I think it would be great if it worked like this.

I select the layer of a part and copy it (Ctrl+c or right mouse button-copy)

I position myself on another part and find the “Duplicate as shared” function on the right mouse button.

Currently the “duplicate as shared” command only works within the same part

It would be very important to be able to select multiple layers and be able to share them as shared in other parts (as you say “the layers are not shared, their tools are shared” - the result for me does not change).

It would also be very useful to be able to drag a layer to another part.

I hope I have been concise and exhaustive.

As for the ok parts, I was wrong.
When you copy or duplicate a part, the layer tools already appear as shared.

Thank you!

So you ask for “Paste as shared” essentially? That could be done.
Just so that you know, if the Layer you want to copy refers to a shared Instrument, it would already work like you expect.
Multiple Layer selection is not planned, it would complicate things and has not been asked for so far.

Other than the selected Part? What for? That would also be complicating usage and programming, and we generally try to avoid “hidden operations” - because you could not see the result until you select that Part anyway.

Exact! it is what I would like, it is an essential function for me as a keyboard player !

I don’t understand. i can’t copy a layer with shared layer tool from one part to another part.
The layer is copied but NOT with intrument sharing ; a new instrument is loaded.

I understand, but it would be very helpful

Because you simply want to move a sound to another part-song, although I understand that this can be done with copy paste.
or: I have a layer in a part that I like, ok, I duplicate it as shared and drag the new layer to another part. very comfortable

We added “Paste Shared” for Layer context menu, and “Paste Layer Shared” for the main “Layer” menu.
You can also drop and drag Layers to the right zone btw. However those are never shared, neither is “Load Layer”. That is because when you save a Layer and load it into another project, it lost its shared reference, thus a full copy is performed.

This should work then with the “Paste Shared” function.

I can not find it
this is what i see: (version



sorry but i can’t find this in any menu

By “we added” I mean “we added this for you in the next version” :slight_smile:

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I really don’t know how to thank you and the team. for me it is really EXCELLENT!!! Thank you very much!!!

thank you so much for listening to my requests!!! i’m really happy! this will really save me a lot of time!
I can’t wait to get home to download this update!!!

thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!