copy audio events to new track and replace sample

When i’m layering drums, i do this by layering audio samples(audio events) on different tracks. However, when i decide to add another layer when i already have different drum patterns and fills all over my arrangement, it’s a real pain to copy the new sample to every place where the original layers are playing, especially with fills and the differences in sample volume.
Is there a way to copy an existing layer to the new track and then replace all the samples by the new one, ONLY on that track, so the samples on the original layer track stay intact?
Or maybe there is another easy way? Would really like to hear what you find the easiest way to do this :wink:

Hi there,

if you want to replace a sample that you have used on several places on a track, you can just drag the new sample on one of the old samples and hold “shift”. You will then be asked if just this event or all should be modified.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 15.06.17.png

Thanks for your reply! But it’s not what i meant… What i mean is, if you have “sample A” playing several times in a track and later on you decide you want to layer it with “sample B”. The problem is, that it would take a long time to place sample B everywhere where sample A is playing. So maybe there is a way to automatically let sample B follow what sample A does? Don’t know if this is clearer now hahah