Copy automation between Clips

Hello! Is there a way to copy automation between clips like Pro Tools Ultimate (Edit/Copy Special/All Automation)?
I think there should be a better way to do this instead of with the selection tool…



Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 14.36.57

What do you think?

No, it doesn’t work…

In what way does it not work?
For the copy preset I would add a filter “Property is set to Parent object is selected” (which is the track, not the event).

For pasting please observe that automation data seems to always consist of “type” property and a value. Examples for type would be Volume, Mute, Linked Pan, etc.
You can only copy&paste data of the same type to a different track, ie. Volume of track a to Volumeof track b.
Additionally you have to select the automation track of the destination before pasting.

That is not an ideal workflow but maybe helps you a bit.

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thanks Johnny!

And if I want to copy automation between clips in different tracks with the same Inserts/Send, should I have to paste one by one each parameter?.

Testing a little bit more - the decisive action is to select the correct tracks before performing an action.
For copying you need to select the track of the selected event/part (happens automatically if you enable the preference (Editing)

For pasting you have to select any of the automation lanes of the track that shall be pasted upon. But then, yes, you can copy&paste several lanes of automation data in one go.

Example for copy:

Example for pasting (track selection!):

I don’t find this faster than using the range tool. Also there seems to be a bug that the automation events at the end of the selection are moved to the left a bit. Or altered in a weird way.

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