Copy automation from a MIDI to an Instrument channel doesn't work

There is this handy function where automation is tied to the content of a track so if you move the data to other tracks the automation follows.
Except when you move your data from a MIDI to an Instrument channel, then it doesn’t follow or even copies.
The only way is to individually select the automation and copy/paste it by hand.

Until now i hope ;).
Am i missing something here



What kind of parameter do you automate, please?

just modwheel

when you drag the data blocks from the MIDI channel to the Instrument channel you see the automation dots appear on the instrument channel, but when you release, the automation isn’t moved with the data


Thank you for the details. You are right, I can confirm.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

thank you, i hope they fix it.

weird nobody else reported this…

In the meantime you can use the range tool to select both and move them, if you need.

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