Copy automation from one automation track to another

If I highlight all of the automation points on an automation track, and hit CTRL+C, then I highlight a different automation track, and hit CTRL+V, it pastes the automation where the cursor is.

My question:

What is the quickest way to copy the entire automation track? Basically, I want to duplicate automation from one automation track to different automation track.



Yes, that’s wanted behaviour. Paste function always paste the data to the cursor position. You coul use Paste at Origin instead of Paste.

How about: Select all the items to copy, press Ctrl-C, then press L (Locate cursor to start of the first selected item, in this case the first selected automation event), then select the track to paste to, then click Ctrl-V. The key here is moving the cursor to the start of the selection.


Awesome - thanks for the tips guys. I will try them tonight.


Just another option that I typically use…

I just duplicate the track (right click and choose “Duplicate Tracks”) then delete the audio or midi data. The automation stays and then, as necessary, copy whatever data onto the track.

Regards :sunglasses: