Copy Automation Lanes

been browsing posts of this subject thru the forum, but havent found the answer to my question

Large project on-going and cpu hit is beginning to be an issue.
Lots of instrument tracks that can be Rendered to save cpu.
So lets take one such track as the example…

4 inserts and 4 sends doing all sorts of sonic shaping goodness.
I render the track (channel settings)
Now I’ve got an Audio track with the inserts rendered in.
So far so good.
Next I want to copy over all the automation lanes.
No go.
I don’t want the automation rendered into the audio track, because I require the option to change the automation as the project progresses.

The fastest way I have found so far (using this forum) is to create 4 automation lanes on the Audio track, then individually go through the list of automation options available to select the exact ones as my source (the instrument track)
Then Select the 4 original automation lanes, select all events, Ctrl-C, go down to my Audio track automation lanes, hit L to lineup cursor, and Ctrl-V.

Is there a way to grab all the original source automation lanes (instrument track) with their intended automation settings and copy them over to the Audio track in one fell swoop?

(It seems like it should be possible, because when rendering the sends are copied over, which is great, but their automation isn’t)

Is this possible? Or a faster alternative I’ve not been able to find yet?

I don’t think you can but it would sure be useful.

Just one quick tip: you can use Alt+V to paste in position without having to line up the cursor.

Very strange that it cannot be done, especially considering that when a render is complete, the sends, and the dialed in values, copy over as well…
Would it not stand to reason that because the sends copy over, any automation would as well - that is a part of the send information (so to speak) itself is it not?

Thanks for the Alt-V hint.
Wasn’t aware of that one, and it is very helpful