Copy Automations


Is it possible to copy automatione beetween instruments or need I to write all the automations?

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IIRC, not at present.
One can never tell what the future may hold, or when.

EDIT: I stand corrected.

It should be possible - are you using Dorico on the desktop or iPad?


I use Dorico 3.5

I am looking for this functionality for so long … and never found it on the desktop version ! I would be delighted to learn how to do copy / paste CCs from one instruments to another one.

In that case take a look at the instructions linked in my previous reply and hopefully you should be able to copy/paste automation data :slight_smile:

Hi Lillie

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I tried out and it worked, but only one time
When I copy automation points and then move to another instrument, I can not paste the points (right click or in the menu Past function )
Is there something more I need to do?



Is the playhead (the green line) at the position where you want to paste the automation points?

Hi Lillie

Problem is solved

I need to re-select the CC. After I can copy. Even when the CC is selected, I have to click again on the CC .

Many thank’s to you

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Wow ! Not straightforward but happy to know it does the job ! I will try ASAP


Strange behavior when pasting CC : for me it doesn’t work properly

If you can provide more specific details of the way(s) in which you find it doesn’t work, we should be able to assist.

Yes sure. Two identified behaviors :

  1. When I am pasting, the CC are not replacing the previous CC data but are added /merged
  2. Data on other CC lanes are modified

Please provide a minimal reproducible case (a project and some steps to reproduce the problem) and we’ll take a closer look. Thanks!

OK I checked again. My issue comes when there are already data in the CC lane. If all data are removed, the copy / paste works ! But once the CC lane empty, before pasting I have to create a fake CC data point, select it, then past the data : otherwise nothing happens. It is better than nothing :slight_smile: I was not able to replicate the change of values on other CC lanes after a copy/paste. I am waiting with a real impatience the future Dorico 4 release with, I hope, some improvements in this area. Ideally the copy/paste of user CC data with the notes (but not copy paste of the CC data coming from playback automation such as dynamics). Dorico 3.5 is a fantastic software ! Congrats to the team !!!

Thanks for the further feedback. That’s helpful to know. I know a number of users would really like automation data to be copied and pasted along with notes, and we’ll certainly think about that.


Please remember also the idea of using signposts for copying and pasting (user generated) automation:

I’m very happy to see the MIDI editing tools coming to write mode, but for copying, pasting and deleting automation I still think this would be the most powerful solution.

It would allow also easy control of if automation data is copied along the notes or not by showing or hiding automation signposts. One could also control precisely which CC data is included by selecting or deselecting individual signposts.

Finally, cleaning up imported midi would also be very fast and effective just by filtering signposts or with ”select more”

So Dorico 4 is live : so happy =) One of my request for a long time was cc copy & paste with the notes. @dspreadbury : is that now possible with Dorico 4 ?

I’m sorry, no, but it is definitely something we are going to be looking at as part of the remaining work on the revamped Play mode, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait for a good solution.


Thank you. A least a “paste special” command would be very appreciated

The Dorico team made a great job at handling the display of short dynamic hairpins & dynamics changes : so in fact my need for copy/paste midi CC is no longer a priority as I can now input my micro dynamic phrasing and past is easily (and benefits from the expression map power where the CC used for dynamic may change from one instrument to another one) !!!