Copy bar or note input midi

Hi there, I have tow problem, One is when I copy a bar and paste it to another bar it add all note value together (overlap) it’s not deleting the old one. The other issue also when I want to add note
using my keyboard midi it’s add the value in top of the old note !

Short answer - type “Q” :slight_smile: Longer answer, Dorico allows you to either replace existing notes or put new notes on top of other nodes as you say. “Chord mode” is what pressing Q allows and dis-allows, and it is used a lot outside of midi when you are typing notes.

It can also appear to happen in a slightly different way if you still have notes selected when you do the paste - Dorico can misunderstand what you want pasted where. Or more correctly, I didn’t realize what I as telling it to do. :slight_smile:

While we are here, let me introduce you to “insert mode” which you may already know, but its the other thing that we all seem to hit at least once accidentally. In insert mode, any notes after the ones you are entering are pushed to the right - useful when you want it, but freaky when you don’t Press “I” to get in and out of insert mode. You can determine the mode by looking at what is highlighted in the left side bar. You’ll see a stack of notes highlighted for chord mode, and an insert carat highlighted for insert mode.

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