Copy bar or selection?

Sorry, simple question, but I couldn’t find it:

In many music apps it’s “shift D” or similar: copy selection and paste it behind the selection. So if a bar is selected this bar will be copied to the following bar. If a quarter note is selected it makes it to two quarter notes…

I //// I to I /// I /// I /// I etc…

Does pressing ‘R’ do what you want?

Exactly! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

R for repeat. :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes that makes sense! In Ableton the same function is called “dublicate” and in Logic “multiple copy”. That’s why I was searching for the wrong terms.

I understand the more apps one uses the more shortcuts to remember. That’s why I would like to see the possibility in Dorico to toggle some functions like transposing score on / off with one shortcut instead of 2 to recall.