Copy CC Data to Multiple Tracks (Cubase 7.5, Win)

Is there any way to take existing CC data (i.e. CC#1, CC#11, CC#4) and copy it/edit it for multiple midi tracks at the same time?


Let’s say I have a five-part string piece where DXF data is on CC#1. I write my piece, and now I want to change a dynamic across all parts. My brain wants to shift-click all the desired midi events, then open the Key Editor, select the notes across all parts that need the CC#1 change, then draw in the change with all parts highlighted. When I do this in practice however, it only edits the CC data on the MIDI part/track that is currently “active” in the top drop-down.

Is there a way to do this or would I have to edit every part one at a time?

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group the parts and then adjust…