Copy CC not only for active voice

cubase 10.5.20, Kontakt 6, the problem has always been, long time ago.
this is the scenario:
We have to write three trombones. Trombones, for example, play 3-voiced chord pedals.
I use Samplemodeling in Kontakt.
Writing in the piano roll 1 trombone, I draw carefully CC (1,11), then copy this track on track 2 and 3 trombone. Then I open 3 trombones at once in the piano roll to edit the notes at the trombone 2 and 3, respectively.
And now, if you select 3 trombones vertically and copy them somewhere to the right, then CC will be copied only from the voice that is active. The notes are copied as needed, and the CC is copied only from the active voice.
How do I copy the CC of all three trombones?
The button Auto Select Controllers in the piano roll is pressed.

question #2 at once.
The scenario is the same, again 3 trombones in the pianoroll.
If I copy the first trombone to the second one, then after that I have to correct the midi channel number not only for the notes themselves,
but also for the CC belonging to those notes. If you do not assign your new channels to the copied notes, Kontakt receives CC events somehow incorrectly. Some of the notes may not play, or start and finish at a bad time. It is wrong with each playback in a new way.
If the channel numbers are corrected, everything is always right. Obviously, that the Kontakt accepts notes through different channels,
but we cannot see the CC received by the Kontakt, so it is suspected that they follow the old settings and go through one channel.
It gets worse if one Kontakt serves 4 trombones and for example 4 trumpets and 4 French horns.
How to make, that at copying, events (notes and CC) the machine was assigned a new midi channel (on which copied)?
Thank you.


  1. In the Key Editor, only the currently active MIDI Part takes the CCs with. You can also edit just the controller of the currently active MIDI Part. To copy all the parts with the CCs, do it in the Project window, please.

  2. I expect you are using MIDI tracks routed to Kontakt (is the Kontakt sitting in an Instrument Track or a Rack Instrument)… Do you use specific MIDI Channel on the MIDI Track itself? Or do you use Any MIDI Channel? If you use Any MIDI Channel then the MIDI Channel of every single MIDI event (MIDI Note, MIDI CC) is taken in account. If you use a specific MIDI Channel on the track, the specific MIDI Channel of every single MIDI event is ignored and all data are sent on the MIDI Channel specified by the track.

“…Do you use specific MIDI Channel on the MIDI Track itself? Or do you use Any MIDI Channel?..”
I use Kontakt as an instrument track (midi channel 1) with additional MIDI-tracks for other channels (2-16),
It always specific MIDI Channel/track with Kontakt! Never “Any”.
“…MIDI event is ignored and all data are sent on the MIDI Channel specified by the track”
may be so, but in practice there is a difference.
I copy the events from the previous track, (several times, correcting the notes in the key editor) - this way I get a chord from 3-4 instruments that articulate the same way. Next, I select the notes for each instrument and correct the midi channel. After, I highlight the CC, I correct the midi channel CC of each instrument. And then everything plays out correctly. If I don’t fix the midi channel on a CC, it doesn’t play correctly. It plays. But not the right way. Looks like a deficit of polyphony. Each playback has a different sound. Random shutting of instruments.