Copy CD-TEXT names to Marker/Track names?

Is there an easy way to rename Markers to the Titles in CD-TEXT? You can go the other way, copying from Marker names to CD-TEXT, and I’ve used that elsewhere, but now I need to copy from CD-TEXT to Marker names.

The CD-TEXT editor has an Import function, making it easy to import track Title, Performer, etc from CSV. Handy! But, uh, the Track & Marker names are still Track 01, Track 02, etc.

I wouldn’t otherwise care, but when Rendering the montage to individual audio files, guess which names get used? Yup, “Track 01”, etc.

Using Wavelab 11 Pro on MacOS 13.0.1 Ventura on Mac Studio Ultra

Yes. It’s a little bit hidden and the wording isn’t quite what I would use, but you can do it here:

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