Copy channels from one song to another

I am recording a band who has recorded temporary guitar to a click track with temo maps for each song. Now we are ready to record drum. To set up the drums I created 24 addtional tracks in song 1 and named each track and select the appropriate hardware inputs and outputs. Now how can I copy the channel settings that I have made to the other songs that will include the channel names and inputs and outputs?

Save the project as a Template and use it for all other songs.

Also handy is right click mixer, save all mixer settings etc…

Well I cannot use a template because the target songs already have a guitart track with mapped to a tempo track.

I can save all mixer settings but when I load mixer settings on the other songs I do not get channel names or input and output routings. In fact when I load all mixer setting to another song nothing appears to happen at all.

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Set up a template with all the tracks named as you want and import the guitar to each setting the tempo as desired. :bulb:

Have you checked out exporting tracks as track archives? p. 466.

That was it and it has saved the day. Exporting tracks as track archive on pg 482 as Reference did exactly what I needed.

Thanks SteveInChicago

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