Copy chord symbols

Does Dorico 4 still lack the ability to copy chord symbols with a selected range of bars? Or am I missing something?

  • Select the Bars via the system track
  • filter chords (use the jump bar!)
  • copy
  • paste at new location

Does that not work for you?

OMG. I didn’t know. THANK YOU.

A bit more info as to why that is: Global chord symbols are sort of a system item – if you select a bunch of staves because you want to reduce the music for instance, you don’t need the chord symbols selected because you can hide/show those chord symbols for different players without needing to re-input them in those bars.

The system track allows you to select everything in a system in one go, including system items and including chord symbols.


Yes, I’m familiar with the useful Hide/Show option. The System Track is less on my radar. Thanks for the assist!

What is the system track?

See here:

and you can read about it in the Operation Manual:

Hello and SOS!
In an almost completed project with many players, I add a new player to complete the orchestration and I want to add the existed chord symbols from an other player to this new one. Whatever I tried (copy - paste etc) this doesn’t work. The chord symbols will not be pasted to the new player(s). Is there any trick that works please?

I think you just need to set that player to show the chord symbols. You do that in Setup. Right click the player >chord symbols>show for all instruments
[don’t be confused - that means show chord symbols for all instruments held by that player!]

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in Setup mode, select the new instrument where you want the chord to appear, right click on the blue area or click on the three little points down the player list to open the menu, choose Chord Symbols->Show for All Instruments (held by the player). And the chord should appear :slight_smile:
(Janus was faster :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!! You saved me! I was trying about two days to figure out loosing precious time in order to finish some scores for an upcoming presentation.

Next time, don’t waste time : ask the forum😉