Copy chord symbols

Does Dorico 4 still lack the ability to copy chord symbols with a selected range of bars? Or am I missing something?

  • Select the Bars via the system track
  • filter chords (use the jump bar!)
  • copy
  • paste at new location

Does that not work for you?

OMG. I didn’t know. THANK YOU.

A bit more info as to why that is: Global chord symbols are sort of a system item – if you select a bunch of staves because you want to reduce the music for instance, you don’t need the chord symbols selected because you can hide/show those chord symbols for different players without needing to re-input them in those bars.

The system track allows you to select everything in a system in one go, including system items and including chord symbols.

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Yes, I’m familiar with the useful Hide/Show option. The System Track is less on my radar. Thanks for the assist!

What is the system track?

See here:

and you can read about it in the Operation Manual: