Copy contents of hidden staves

quite a lot of us use the feature “add staff below” for solo instruments or “change divisi” for sections when there isn’t a comfortable way to get get Dorico to play the notation as we want it to appear in the score and thus add what is effectively a playback line which is later hidden but retains content. Most commonly an issue in tremolos, grace notes and the like but by no means exclusively so.

Unfortunately, it does not retain content when copied to a different location-- the contents of the hidden staff are removed. This can be a huge frustration and I’m wondering if there’s a different way to approach this which could cut down on the time of re-entering the contents?

It would make sense to me in fact if every staff in addition by default had a kind of shadow which could simply be called up or hidden for the specific purpose of playback requirement and where populated would override the primary – effectively this is what happens already – but the shadow contents would automatically be copied. I don’t know whether we will see any changes in Dorico 4 in this area of the software.

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No, you won’t see any changes specifically in this area.

Our plans in this area are to make it possible to have one or more additional voices that can be displayed in Play mode but which are not notated in Write mode, into which you can add any additional material that should be played but not printed. However, this isn’t something we’ve been working on, so it’s not something that we currently expect to be included in the next version.

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fair enough – what you’re planning makes sense. No doubt v. 4 will have plenty of goodies to get my teeth into even if this particular one may be a bit further down the line.

The idea of entering an alt voice to notate ghost notes is indeed an interesting idea. I like it.