Copy & Drag - Grid Weirdness


Just getting to grips with Cubase and having a few issues with grid settings in the Project Window.

When I drag parts it seems that the grid behaves normally. If I copy and drag parts, the grid seems to be overridden and it’s impossible to line parts up with bar/beat starts etc…

Is there a setting somewhere which enables the grid to apply to copy-dragging as well as just dragging?

Thanks for any help.


hmm, can you explain how you are copying?= are you selecting events then using (ctrl+D) ?
the grid shouldnt change when copying…

alternatively, there is a snap menu on the top… looks like a garden fence: ## : something like that…
here you can choose how the Snap function should operate… play around with that for a bit…

Use ALT and drag.

Hi All

I think it’s ctrl (for the copy, I changed the modifier) and Alt(restrain Direction) then drag, I have to click on what I’m copying and THEN hold down ctrl and Alt and then drag.

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try using CTRL+D :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah sorry, Steve helped me out with this on a different thread. To be honest, the fact that constrain snap is hardwired to ctrl is not terribly helpful, as I’ve spent 15 years using ctrl as my copy modifier, so it might well take me another 15 to get used to using alt!

Thanks for the help.


No worries here… I agree with what you’re saying.

And I use a macro (Keyboard Maestro) program + the generic remote to create the same function, which actually turns off snap completely while the key is held down. (as opposed to turning it of for certain types of objects as you saw.)

I had checked out AutoHotKey on Windows, but could not figure out how to include midi, though I understand that it is possible.