Copy/Drag in the Drum Editor

I am trying to learn Drum Programming and having a lot of fun doing it to. It’s one of the reasons I took advantage of the cross grade discount fee to come over from Pro Tools. Their Midi editing is just archaic. And I am really liking other things in Cubase as well as I get more and more comfortable with it.

Here is one thing getting my goat though. I was watching a video by Ryan Bruce on Drum Programming. Now he’s using logic, but I figured this feature would be everywhere. One of his tips on setting up drums from scratch was to feel around with the notes. What he was doing, was he’d start with the kick and he would then use Alt + clicking on the midi note, to simultaneously copy and drag the midi note to a new location.

When I do that, it selects the drum stick tool and erases the note I just created. Now in the Tool Modifier in Cubase, there is a Drag & Drop selection with the shortcut key being Alt (Option.) I am using an iMac. But I cannot find that option anywhere in the drum editor.

Is this even possible to do in Cubase? I find it hard to believe it’s not and probably just a case of me learning the DAW. Appreciate any help I can get on this.


Hi and welcome,

Option is your modifier on the keyboard. ACtually it’s the Alt modifier key.

To drag+copy in Cuabse, click to the MIDI Note (event) move it (a bit),´and while moving, hold down the Alt modifier. The + cursor appears to inform you, you are going to copy and you can drag and drop the copy where you want to.

If you first hold down the Alt modifier, you get an alternative tool. So in Cubase, it depends on the order of modifier + click or click + modifier.

That worked, thank you! My issues is that I was clicking on Alt and then clicking the mouse or trying to do it at the same time.

Thank you for this answer, I was going out of my mind, clicking ALT first.

I know this is like 2 years later but THANK YOU! I was having the same problem and going bezerk.