Copy edits from part to full score

Hello there,

I have created a solo piano score and I have engraved it on the actual instrument part.(edited note spacing, systems, frames etc.)

Can I copy those edits from that piano part to the full score? (Which is actually again the piano). Hope this makes sense.
Many thank is advance for your replies.

No, as the two layouts are completely independent (save the actual musical data). If you simply have a solo piano work, the good news is there is, for all intents and purposes, no difference apart from name of the two layouts. This is one of the funny vestiges of Dorico’s approach: for symphonic music, having a “full score” and parts (separate) makes perfect sense; for a solo instrument, it doesn’t change anything. For my organ music, I often input the musical data into the full score and then turn around and create (and engrave) more than one “instrument part” to print. The “full score” looks terrible, but I have it beautifully engraved to print on both letter (vertical) and legal (landscape) depending on my needs. So, while it is a little disappointing for you that you accidentally engraved the wrong layout, ultimately it doesn’t matter if there is only one instrument.

Thank you very much indeed for your thorough reply.
I will keep editing the piano part then, and see how it goes. To print later on, I suppose that I would have to remove the word “piano” from top left of page.
Many thanks again.

If you like, yes.

The easiest way of doing that is probably just to change the name of the Piano layout to “ “ (absolutely nothing!)

Alternatively you could remove the part name in Master Page Editor.

Both ideas are excellent. I’m still trying to find my way in using Master Pages, so I might just use your first suggestion. Many thanks.

Just to make sure you have all the information : the layout name is editable in Setup mode, on the right panel (that lists the existing layouts). Just double-click the name of the layout and you can change it to what will appear on the top left of the part layout. You might already know it, but maybe newbies to Dorico come across this thread and could benefit from that information :wink:

True. Thank you for your detailed steps to edit name of instrument.

In Engrave mode you should be able to choose your part and apply a Full Score Master Page Set to it without having to edit your master pages or use a blank layout name.


Thanks Derrek. Is this also the way to copy all the engraving I have done to the part, to the full score?

No, it simply applies the Full Score master page to the part, which essentially makes it a full score.
(Still, I’d probably keep the original–now superfluous–full score layout until I was sure deleting it would not cause you to lose any data.)

[Solved] Absolutely. Many thanks Derrek.