Copy Effect Insert does not function like Help Manual claims

Steinberg help (below) claims that when I hold option/alt and drag an audio insert effect from one slot to another (eg, from one track to another) it will copy the plugin and its settings. This is true. However, it also claims that when you drag it onto a filled slot, it will replace the existing insert. This is how most DAWs behave, and the behavior I want. So I was happy to read that.

But… Cubase Pro 10.5 for me does not behave this way. Rather than replace the insert, it bumps the original one up a spot, no replace it. This is frustrating. Any way for me to make it work the way the manual says it should?

Here’s a link to the short article in the Help:

Hi and welcome,

As far as I know, it always worked this way in Cubase. Or at least for some versions back. So my opinion is, manual is wrong here.

Anyway, reported to Steinberg, thank you.