Copy entire bar including space editing

Hi Folks,

I finally purchased Dorico Pro 3.1 with a view to eventually ending my Sibelius subscription.
Ok it’s relatively hard going because I have used Sibelius for 20 years.

I like going in at the deep end so I have started editing an XML file exported from Sibelius.
It’s a piano piece by Albinez - ‘Almeria’ from Book 2 of the ‘Iberia’ suite. It has a number of irregularities, the first one being that in bar 2 the left hand has 2 voices in 6/8 - top voice is 3 quavers, crotchet & quaver - bottom voice dotted minim. The first note is the same in both voices requiring the quaver notehead to be hidden while the Minim takes it’s place.

So, I found out how to edit that by trial & error and page 400 of the manual it took a while to get it right.

So far so good. Now this pattern appears quite a number of times & I have been trying to copy the entire bar into all the subsequent occurrences. No go - the notes get copied but the ‘re-spacing’ doesn’t. Also the first quaver who’s notehead I made invisible (in the note editor) is reproduced as a rest. It appears that the only way to sort this out is to laboriously edit each bar. Surely there must be a workaround!!

Any ideas anyone?

I haven’t even mentioned the section later which requires one bar of 4/4 over 2 bars of 6/8. That I’m leaving for another day.

Best wishes everyone.

Jeff Wraight

I believe there’s a Notation Option (in Notation Options > Voices) that handles this. Even if there isn’t, you can set the Voice Column Index property of both voices to 0 (in Engrave mode) so they they overlap.

Either way, this is the best approach to take as there won’t be any manual spacing to copy.

Thanks ‘Pianoleo’

Most helpful, I’ll check that out when I’m back later.