"Copy File to Audio Montage Folder" inconsistency

WaveLab 12 introduced this feature. Although I have not used it for any project yet, not sure if I ever will, but I can see why and how it can be useful for some users.
Anyway, during some tests today I found an inconsistency using this feature in combination with the import of multiple files at once and mismatching sample rates.

For test purposes I created a stereo test montage with 44.1 kHz sample rate. In another folder I collected a few stereo WAV files with different sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz for later import.

Now when importing multiple files of different sample rate at once into the montage (either via drag & drop from the Windows Explorer, or via File → Import → Audio File to Montage), these steps happen:

  1. Mismatched Sample Rates, WaveLab is asking for resample → Convert Files
  2. Insert Audio Files, select position and placement → OK
  3. Import Files, select Copy Files to Audio Montage Folder (subfolder “audio”) → OK

As result, only audio files of originally 44.1 kHz were copied to the /audio subfolder, files with originally different sample rate (48 kHz, 96 kHz) were just saved as already resampled files in the /system.mon/edits subfolder.

After that I deleted all clips from the montage, closed WaveLab and deleted both the /audio and /system.mon subfolders to completely reset the montage.

Now if I import all of the original files individually one after one into the montage, the steps are different:

  1. Import Files, select Copy File to Audio Montage Folder (subfolder “audio”) → OK
  2. Mismatched Sample Rates, WaveLab is asking for resample → Convert File (44.1 kHz files do not invoke this dialogue, of course)

As result, each imported file was copied to the /audio subfolder in its original form (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz), and all files with sample rate mismatch were additionally resampled and saved in /system.mon/edits.

I would guess it is not that common to insert multiple files of different sample rate into a montage. At least I resample externally to the most common sample rate, if needed at all, and set an appropiate sample rate for the montage, before I import anything.
But I think it is currently an error to not include the very original files, when using the function Copy File to Audio Montage Folder and when importing multiple files with varying sample rates at once. Maybe the order should be: Ask to copy files → check for sample rate mismatch, resample if needed → set position and insert files as clips.

Further, if a montage is currently completely empty, and if I try to import several files with mismatching sample rate (while all files have the same sample rate, like 48 kHz), WaveLab asks me to resample or to change the sample rate of the montage - where the latter would make the most sense, probably. If I decide to resample the files, I still get the Insert Audio Files dialogue for positioning, but I do not get the Import Files dialogue for the copy function (even though it is neither deactivated globally nor for this specific montage).

WaveLab Pro 12.0.20, Windows 11 Pro 23H2.