Copy files from audio folder instead of export?

Hi everybody,

I’m a beginner and would like to ask for your advice.

My situation:

  • I have recorded 20 songs with the Cubase AI-version that came with my UR-22. All tracks in the songs contain only raw waves (no effects, level 0.0db, etc). Basically, these are just preproduced instrumentals (already mixed, in stereo), my vocals (as I have recorded and comped them, in mono), and a few sounds and vocal samples that I added (in stereo).
  • Now, I want to give the songs to an engineer for mixing and mastering. He told me that he uses PT.

My problem:

  • Unfortunately, I have discovered that Cubase AI doesn’t come with the “Batch Export”-functionality. In fact I can only do a stereo mixdown. So I would need to solo each track, name it and export it. That would take me hours, would be prone to mistakes and in the end I would have a lot of stereo tracks (which might cause additional work for the engineer).

My idea of a workaround:

  • I record a silence and paste it into the beginning of each track, so that they all start with the first bar. (This will take some time, but with the “snap to events”, I guess it’s doable.)
  • I would then “bounce” all tracks.
    (- I would create a backup.)
  • I would use the delete “all unused audio”-function.
  • Now, I have only the .waves in the audio folder file that are part of the project and start at bar 1.
  • I could send these to the engineer.

My questions:

  • Do you see a better way to do this? (Unfortunately, I cannot afford a better Cubase version right now and don’t know anybody who has one.)
  • Will the engineer be able to recognize which tracks are mono and which are stereo?
  • Is there any source of a potential loss of information that I don’t see right now?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel!

Hi and welcome,

This should work.

If you don’t want to waste your time, you can download Cubase Pro Trial for 30 days, and do the Batch Export in Cubase Pro Trial. You will just need a Steinberg USB-eLicenser.