copy in drum editor cub9.5.2

Apologies if this has been discussed before .
I’m pretty new to cubase.
In drum editor I often need to copy for example one tom to another to double up or copy kick pattern to another kick and have both playing.
So in Cubase 9.5.2 on win 8.1 when I select with mouse and use alt modifier key to drag notes into another instrument in drum editor the pointer turns to drumstick and erases notes. :confused:
Using ctrl-alt-shift copies the notes but they do not snap to grid or to quantize value of each drum.They just drop wherever mouse is hovering.
alt modifier works correctly in list editor and I was under the impression alt modifier is the default modifier for copy…but not in drum editor?
Anyone noticed this and has a fix?
Cubase 9.5.2
Win 8.1

Same issue here!

I work a lot with MIDI programming and I use a lot this feature. It worked on previous versions and also in the key editor, but not in the drum editor, which is the one I use for drums.

I’ve searched in preferences and command key menus but I didn’t found anything. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Bump, same problem, Cubase 10 now… doh