Copy insert FX from one track to another

Hi, are there any plans to add copy/paste of insert FX? I find that I’ll often set up an effect perfectly on one track, then I’ll decide that I could do with using it on another existing track too.

Duplicating the track only works if I haven’t set up a track yet, which is rare for this use-case.

Groups aren’t always suitable for this use-case as the effect in question would end up after the individual instrument chain, when it’ll often need to be somewhere in the middle of the chain to have the desired effect. Further, the lack of sub-groups makes putting the effect in a group not an option as I’ll almost always group my same-instrument tracks together already.

Hi @Somble,

Thanks for your message.
“Duplicate track” has been added exactly for this purpose.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for the reply!

I find duplicate track is very limiting unfortunately for FX plug-ins.

As I said, often I’ll want to copy the current state of a single FX plug-in to another existing track, where I’ve already spent time setting up other FX plug-ins carefully. Duplicating a track in this case doesn’t make much sense, as I’d have to reprogram all the other effects and the instrument I’ve carefully set up.

Further to this, consider the situation where an effect is set up on a MIDI track, but the effect is desired to be copied to an audio track or a group - this is a situation I find myself in often. The only option right now is to recreate those exact settings from scratch, or to create a preset (which can clog my preset libraries with unnecessary extra bulk).

I hope this will be considered as I personally find the current implementation lacking compared with others DAWs on the market today.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Lars,
Once again, thank you, I forgot about this feature as well as forgetting about pinch to vertically zoom

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